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Advice from our experienced orchid growers

There are times when we all would like more information about our plants. Sometimes, when we are having problems we do not know who is best to talk to. All members of our Society are happy to chat, but if you have a specific problem the members listed below all have a particular interest in the orchids specified. It is much easier to help if the plant in question can be inspected, but please do not bring plants which are infested with insects as there is a risk of contaminating plants on display. Better to bring photos of 'buggy' plants.
  • Cattleyas · · David

  • Cymbidiums (grown in bark mixes) · · David

  • Cymbidiums (grown in Rockwool) · · Sheila

  • Lycastes · · David

  • Masdevallias, Restrepias and Pleurothallids · · Tricia

  • Miniature Orchids · · Jon

  • Phalaenopsis · · David

  • Vandaceous orchids · · Stephen

  • Show Table — Judging & Preparation of plants · · Stephen

  • Pest & diseases · · David

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