December 2008


Hi everyone,
I thought you might like a resume of the meeting held on Sunday 14th December 2008, especially those members who were unable to attend the A.G.M.

A new committee was voted in as follows:-

Chairman ------------------ Fran Mansfield
Vice-Chairman ----------- Steve Langston
Treasurer ------------------ Ken Mansfield
Programme Secretary -- Gill Britnell

Committee Members without Office:
Maureen Spencer
Fery Turner
Mike Sharman
Stephen Taylor

Many thanks to them for volunteering.
Our appreciation and gratitude go to the outgoing committee members, Norma, Sheila, Tricia and Glyn for the support they have given. Hope they will still be prepared to offer their advice which will be much appreciated.
You may notice that the posts of Secretary and Membership Secretary are unfilled. Ken has agreed to cover these posts alongside his treasurer duties, which is obviously not an ideal situation.Committee members have agreed to share the task of minutes secretary. I think we have a good team here and will do our utmost to keep the society operational.
However, if anyone feels that they can help in any way concerning the unfilled posts, please do not hesitate to volunteer.
It was suggested that the award of free membership of one year which is part of the N.H.O.S. Society Prize should be abandoned from 2009 onwards. This was put to a vote and carried by membership.
To encourage participation in representing N.H.O.S. at other society's shows, it was agreed by membership that an allowance of £25 per car be paid to members who are willing to transport, set up and return plants, on behalf of N.H.O.S., at said shows. This would be for a maximum of 3 cars and with prior invitation and approval of committee.
The first event which would be applicable is the Thames Valley Show at Hare Hatch, Sheeplands Plant Centre, near Twyford, on 4th, April 2009. The committee, therefore, invites members to apply, subject to committee approval and discretion. Please apply a.s.a.p., so that a reply can be made to Thames Valley's invitation soonest.
The AGM was followed by the Xmas Buffet and I would like to thank profusely all members who attended and everyone who joined in the general clear away afterwards. The washer-uppers and sink de-cloggers did a fantastic job coping with the dodgy plumbing. It is this cooperation between members which make these events possible.

This and the previous Summer Garden Party was provided at no extra charge to members in appreciation of their support.
Mention had been made in the past about the fairly large balance held by society and ways that it could be used to benefit members and this was thought to be one way.
At the extra general meeting, held in Oct 2008 to discuss the future of the society, the membership voted to approve this expenditure on a trial basis.
Concerns were raised at the AGM, that although appreciated, perhaps more money could be spent on speakers. This was wholeheartedly agreed, but it has to be noted that finances are in place already for a reasonable increase to speakers' fees. The problem appears to be that the pool of available speakers is becoming shallower. Gill has produced a programme of events up to and including May 2009 only. This is because the future of the society for 2009 was seen to be in doubt in early 2008, which is why the Oct 2008 extra meeting was scheduled. Gill is in the process of arranging the remainder of the year's programme and her efforts are very much appreciated.
Another concern raised at the AGM was about the majority decision taken by membership at the Oct 2008 meeting, to limit meetings to Feb, March, April, May -----Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.
It had become obvious that some months are poorly attended. It was decided to combine the Xmas Social with AGM in Dec and not have mid summer meetings when members have a difficult choice to make between gardens, holidays or meetings. The exception in 2009 is July which has been set aside for Summer Garden Party. Details to be announced later.
Would those members who were awarded trophies at the Feb 2008 Show please return them asap, so that they are available for the next event.
Don't forget that there is no meeting in Jan 2009. The next meeting will be Feb 15th when Peter White will be talking about Cattleyas.
Please remember that the NHOS is your society. Any suggestions for its improvement will always be welcomed and if necessary put to membership for discussion.
Hope you and your families have a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year.



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A bit more news - December 2008

Dear Members

Hello again,

I missed out some important bits of information in last communication. They are as follows:-
If you need to contact committee, e.g. to represent Society at Thames Valley
in April, my contact details can be used and I can pass information on to the relevant person.

Trophies were awarded at the December AGM as follows:-
NHOS Prize: David Martin
The Wellbank Trophy: David Martin
The Hayward Trophy: Sheila Bicknell
The Oakley Award: Arthur Wyatt
Miniature Species Rosebowl: David Martin
The Hampshire Award: Norma Burgess
The Harold Hare Cup: Chris Sampson
The RHS Banksian Medal: David Martin

Unfortunately, neither David nor Arthur could attend the AGM, so they will be presented with their trophies at the February Meeting. Congratulations to all those who received an award.
Many thanks to Ursula Taylor for auditing the Society's accounts.
Although there is no meeting in January, could you all please make sure that subscriptions for 2009 are paid on time. If you know that you won't be attending the February meeting, could you please post your subscription to Ken (Telephone the number on the contact page for our address). Cheques should be made payable to N.H.O.S. £8 for single membership - £13 for family.
Also, please let Ken know if you are not going to renew this year,so that you won't be inconvenienced by receiving reminders later on.

Best wishes,


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