July 2009 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

The weather has done it's worst recently to foil our two outside attempts at having a good time. However, I can say that those who went to Wisley in June, were blessed eventually with a good bit of sunshine, even though the heavens opened as soon as we entered through the gates. Once that downpour was over, the rest of the day was not too bad weatherwise and the gardens and the new greenhouse were well worth the visit.

Again the rain was teasing us at our Summer Event, held at Stephen and Ursulas' lovely garden, last Sunday. With true Brit style we ignored the occasional light shower and a good day was had by all.

There was a total of twenty-seven members and their guests who attended.Although this event is not viewed as a profit making exercise you may be interested as society members to know the financial results for the day.

Ticket money received == 135.00
Total cost inc some raffle items == 128.59
Receipts from Raffle == 24.50
Plant Donations and commission from members' sales == 48.30
Giving a total profit of == 79.21

Many thanks to Graham Westmore, Stephen Taylor and Lawrence Gray for donating their plants, and many thanks to Ursula for helping me, even though she was supposed to sit this one out for a change, and allowing me to take over her kitchen. Also, thanks to those who pitched in to help at any opportunity.

The committee will be having a meeting after September's meeting in order to discuss the programme for the following year at which the subject of holding an Annual Show will be reviewed again. Could I please have members' reactions, before the September meeting, to the following items. A definite commitment is not expected at this time. I only wish to ascertain if members would be willing to help if time and conditions were agreeable to them.

Given that, at present, a month has not been selected for holding a possible show :-

  1. Would members who expect to have plants in flower when/if month is announced, be prepared to display their plants.
  2. If plants cannot be delivered personally, would you be happy for them to be collected subject to reasonable travelling distances.
  3. A minimum of 10 people are required to cover all posts all day. There are only 9 committee members so help would be required. Some of the tasks involved are:-
I hope you can see from the above that holding a show does require members' help. This is why I would like to know your opinions once again as to whether it would be feasible to arrange and book a venue for 2010.

Many thanks to David Martin and Norma Burgess who have kindly volunteered to attend the Wraysbury Show in November. Ken and I will go along as well to get in the way and provide moral support.

Some of you wanted to know about Dinton Pastures Show.It is to be held at Dinton Pastures Country Park, Davis Street, Winnersh, Hurst, Berkshire RG10 0TH on Saturday 29th August 9am-5pm and Sunday 30th August 10am- 4pm. Admission 2 [under 15 years free]. Small charge per car.

The next meeting to be held at Oakley is on September 20th and will be a talk by Maren Talbot on Cypripediums.

Contact info:-
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Enjoy August

All the best




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