September 2009 News

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone was able to make the best of the weather in August. I was'nt here for most of the month but understand that it was not the best of times regarding sunshine. Hopefully there is still a little bit of nice weather yet to enjoy.

Thanks yet again to those who were able to get to the meeting. Considering that we are a very small society, it is very encourageing to see the relative high number of members who turnout for our meetings.

The meeting on 20th was very informative. Maren Talbot gave an excellent talk on Cypripediums. The slides showing them growing outside in a sheltered place in a normal garden, gave rise to a lot of optimism re the cultivation of these plants, as they do not need heat and can survive at below extreme freezing temperatures. However, there is always a downside. The 'ordinary' garden was situated inland in Germany and therefore does not have repeated fluctuations of temperature. As long as the temperature remains constant throughout winter they will survive. Obviously our more milder periods bring them into growth too soon and therefore are at risk from being cut back by a sudden frost. However, they are lovely plants and some may be tempted to give them a try.

There was also a cautionary tale from Graham Westmore about the use of plastic fans in greenhouses. Apparently, they are very prone to overheating. Graham quoted a case of this happening in the summer, resulting in a fire which destroyed everything including the greenhouse. Just something to be aware of next year when the weather warms up again.

Gill Britnell is in the process of arranging speakers etc for next year's programme. As those who have executed this task in the past will know, it is the most demanding post on the committee and I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of members, to thank Gill for the time and effort she puts in to accomplish a varied programme.

Gill hopes to have the programme for 2010 ready for the AGM in December. There are a couple of dates that can be noted already. There will be no meetings in January and August. This enables everyone to have a break after Xmas and also to enjoy our own gardens in August. There will also be the usual Summer Event in July.

The next meeting is on Sunday 18th October. Janet Plested will be giving a talk on Species Orchids. As Janet will be bringing along from her nursery, a selection of plants for sale, there will not be a Members' Sales Table for October.

Will members who have trophies please return them by November meeting, so that they are ready for presentation at December's AGM.

Usual contact, if any queries:
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All the best

Fran Mansfield



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