October 2010 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Roy Bailey Wood gave a slightly different presentation than usual at October's meeting, in that his talk focused on the evolution of orchids and therefore involved the interaction between them and the flora and fauna around during these evolutionary stages. He simplified and condensed the history of the world expertly so that we all appeared to understand the logic and to see orchids in a more informed light.

Tricia followed Roy with a presentation of the photos that had been given to her so far for the BOC Photo Competition. There were quite a few and it was wonderful to see so many home grown orchids from our own members for a change, rather than other peoples'. Tricia will be keeping us informed as to when and how to vote.

A committee meeting followed after the general meeting, mainly to discuss the programme for 2011. Gill is currently trying to contact suitable speakers but as in past years, this is not a simple task as many speakers have retired from lecturing, live long distances or are charging higher fees, which she does not feel at the moment able to justify.
The committee agreed that as the main focus of the meetings was to provide decent speakers , that she has the go-ahead to spend more when necessary. Although this is no reflection on the speakers we have had who have given their excellent services for free, we cannot depend on them to be as generous every time.
Although expenditure outweighs income, there is still a fairly substantial balance. Obviously this is being slowly eroded, but at the present rate, should last for about eight to ten years. However, speakers' fees are rising and can sometimes be in excess of £100, so this would make a difference to the estimated time scale.
The committee has resisted asking members for an increase to the membership subscription, but this may have to be an option within a few years if the membership want the NHOS to continue.

There is a slight alteration to the AGM in December. The Agenda will go ahead as normal, but the committee would like to ask members if each person would donate a plate of nibbles to the meeting to share, instead of the society providing the refreshments. This would cut back on waste and expenditure as it is difficult to estimate attendance numbers.
Could you please take the time to think about any issues you may want raised at the AGM in December. The incumbent Committee Members are willing to carry on in their posts for 2011 unless there are any other nominations willing to take over any of the positions, which are:-
Chairman -------
Secretary-----not filled
Programme Secretary-----
Membership Secretary----
3 Committee Members without office----- Third not filled due to Fery Turner having to resign her post earlier this year. Many thanks Fery for your input.

Our President, David Martin, also collates the results of the display tables throughout the year

As you can see from above, even if all our present committee members are re-elected, the society still needs a minutes secretary and another committee member.Most discussions are undertaken via e-mails and the occasional committee meeting is always after a general meeting, so that there is no extra travelling involved.

Any issues concerning Agenda please contact committee as soon as possible so that AGM Agenda can be organised before the December 19th.meeting. E-mail address for communication is committee@north-hampshire-orchid-society.org.uk

The NHOS will be represented at the Wraysbury Show on Saturday 6th November. Depending on whether they are ready for showing, orchids being exhibited will be from David Martin, Norma Burgess, Lawrence Gray, Mike Sharman and Janet Plested. Many thanks.

The next meeting at East Oakley will be on Sunday 21st November and will be a talk about Wild Orchids by Roger Grier. This will be an opportunity to bring along some of your own experiences to share, if you have any material regarding wild orchids you may have seen in your travels.

Contact details as usual:

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