March 2011 Newsletter

Dear Members,

I have used Wordpad for this letter. Hopefully you should all be able to download.

The AGM which was postponed from December due to adverse weather finally took place at Sunday's meeting. It was attended by 14 members and apologies were received from 6 members.

Officers of the committee remain the same as last year with the very welcome addition of Joan Elliott, who has agreed to become a committee member.

It was an active meeting and a number of topics were discussed, mainly to do with fund raising. After the relative success of the Spring Show held in February 2011, it was proposed to keep this as a regular local event and also, if possible, depending on support, to hold a second show with more diverse exhibitors, later in the year. This would be at a larger venue. Steven Langston is looking into various locations which will particularly concentrate on accessible easy parking and in a position with a view to attracting passers-by.

Brenda Flowers, who you may realise makes her own excellent greetings cards , attends a card-making club and is going to suggest to her fellow members that they might like to supply cards to be exhibited for purchase at our monthly meetings. The society would receive 10% commission on any sales. We look forward to their reply.

It was also proposed and carried that the annual subscription for NHOS members be raised to £10 per single membership and £15 for family membership. This will come into operation in January 2012.

The rest of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of awards and then a short discussion group followed re plants that members brought in to display and for advice on cultivation.

The society would also like to welcome new member, Jill Bettridge, who joined at the February show. We will hopefully see her at subsequent meetings and I am sure that we will all do our best to make her feel at home.

Lawrence Gray single handed, spoke to a meeting of the local W.I. recently, with a view to promote the society. The talk went well and hopefully his effort will be rewarded by enquiries relating to membership. Many thanks Lawrence.

The Andover Garden Centre is having an Orchid Weekend on 26th/27th March and has invited NHOS to advertise our society at this event in exchange for members to attend to answer queries from the public on orchid cultivation. We hope that Tricia, Gill and Maureen have an enjoyable experience and thank them for volunteering.

The NHOS will also be represented at the Thames Valley Orchid Show on April 9th at Bourne End, near Marlow. Gill Britnell, Lawrence Gray, Ken and myself will be at the show. Please let me know if you have any plants for display. We may be able to arrange to collect them if practicable.

Please be aware that members using their cars to transport plants etc,which sometimes can involve a couple of days travelling between members' houses to pick up plants, are entitled to a refund of expenses up to £25. This allows for the cost of fuel, parking fees and a couple of cups of coffee throughout the day. It is sometimes difficult to encourage members to accept a refund. However, the AGM of 2008 recognized that members volunteering on behalf of the society should not be out of pocket for their efforts. This is even more relevant now that the price of fuel is continually increasing. There is a limit of three cars at any event which have to be agreed by committee beforehand.


Our annual visit to RHS Gardens at Wisley is booked for 30th April. This date has been arranged to coincide with OSGB Orchid Show which is usually held in the large glasshouse. The RHS has granted us 55 free entry tickets. Members can bring family and friends to this day out, all for free. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. As we have to enter the gardens in a group, I will need to know exactly who is coming, so that all members attending are accounted for on the day. Once we have entered, you are able to make your own way and can leave the gardens whenever you wish. We will meet outside the main entrance at 11am.

The next meeting will be on SUNDAY 17th APRIL 2011. Ian Plested will be talking about 'Potting and Repotting'. I am not sure if Ian is bringing plants for sale at this meeting, so it may be that if you bring along your own plants for sale, you may have to put off selling them until a future meeting. Also this may be the last time that you have the opportunity to hear Ian give one of his informative talks as he and his family are moving to America soon.

Lawrence is accepting renewals of subscriptions for 2011. Could you please let him know by May 2011 if you intend to renew. Although subscriptions will be accepted at any time, it does help to know what projected funds to expect in order to plan ahead.

If you have any issues or queries please contact:-
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The committee would appreciate your ideas and comments on any subject. Different aspects are always useful and can obviously produce new and fresh objectives.



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